Account Manager

Job Description:

The Account Manager role is responsible for managing customer accounts in their region from A to Z. They are responsible for growing and managing the growth in their market, working to increase gross margins, ensuring customer delivery and satisfaction, building strong relationships with all their accounts, scheduling CTs effectively to minimize costs, and providing work daily for their CTs within their assigned area or region. They are responsible for giving directives to their CSR team members and assisting with recruiting and the coordination of seasonal‐to‐permanent employees nationally. They work together with their regional team which includes, DMs, RMs, Trainers, CTs, & CSRs as well as Recruiters, Office Manager, other account managers and department heads such as recruiting and HR to ensure smooth, efficient and effective day to day operations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Make quality sales calls to generate new revenue and manage costs to maximize regional gross margins
  • Build strong relationships with all customers to maintain accounts year over year through consistent communication, quality assessments and prompt resolutions to issues
  • Ensure field team is working maximum hours to improve efficiency and reduce turnover. Ensure all have schedules for the following day & coordinate replacements for inadequate coverage
  • Ensure field team is on time at scheduled locations
  • Book hotels when needed and submit employees to appropriate assignments
  • Call applicants & schedule in a timely manner
  • Communicate daily with team and office departments through various platforms (email, RC, Slack) to ensure smooth day to day operations & the sharing of best practices
  • Participate in all training sessions and workshops
  • Update HR employees who haven't worked in 30 days/request and get approval on overtime
  • Follow all directives needed to get their job done most efficiently
  • Follow all Policies issued by National Assemblers, Inc. (NAI)


  • May use email, text, Slack or a type of group me for general communication; for specific issues please communicate with the parties involved only and cc appropriate management
  • Be able to communicate all new or revised policies, procedures need be and/ or processes to the Assembly team to ensure they have the most up-to-date and current information if they ask
  • Attend all mandatory meetings with the Management Department
  • Report any good news or problems to HR and Upper Management for notes to file and warnings
  • Coordinate with CSR/After-hours Scheduler-Co Account Manager their weekly DPOA/ via email


  • Preferably 1-2 years of Account Management/Phone Sales experience
  • College Degree/or comparable experience
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong communication skills and computer/ smartphone knowledge

Skills and abilities:

  • Able to operate well under pressure with a smile
  • Extremely organized and able to handle multiple, concurrent projects or responsibilities
  • Strong emphasis on problem-solving and resolution
  • Excellent work ethic and Team oriented
  • Be proficient in all Microsoft programs
  • Excellent knowledge & use of management platforms including but not limited to NAI website, Movista, Ring Central
  • Maintain professionalism and patience with a fast‐paced environment